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Погода (Weather)

The weather (пого́да) is a very important aspect of our everyday lives. You have to know what the weather is doing or will be doing in order to plan certain activities. It’s also a very basic category to add to your vocabulary. If you don’t know the vocabulary words related to weather, you are going… Continue reading Погода (Weather)


Our domain is changing

Attention readers! Our domain name will be changing as of tomorrow, February 29, 2016. You will no longer be able to access the blog with the domain therusblog.com. We will be switching back to the old domain: therussianblog.wordpress.com. A lot of new changes are coming to The Russian Blog! Stay tuned!


Word of the Day – книга

кни́га [ˈknʲigə] (feminine noun) book кни́га


Word of the Day – автобус

авто́бус [ɐfˈtobʊs] (masculine noun) bus авто́бус


Word of the Day – плакат

плака́т [plɐˈkat] (masculine noun) 1. poster, placard, bill   2. broadsheet сове́тский пропаганди́стский плака́тSoviet propaganda poster


День Победы – Victory Day

День победы (Victory Day) is celebrated on May 9th of every year to commemorate the surrender of Nazi Germany to Soviet forces in 1945. This year’s Victory Day Parade marked the 70th anniversary of Allied victory.


The Russian Ruble

The ruble is the currency that Russians use. In Russian, the word “ruble” is pronounced a lot like it is in English, but it has a soft /l/ at the end: рубль [rublʲ] (listen). The ruble is divided into 100 kopeks. A kopek (Russian: копе́йка [kɐˈpʲejkə] (listen) is pretty much worthless in modern times, much… Continue reading The Russian Ruble