Halloween in Russia?

Halloween is almost here, and I’m sure at least some of you Russian learners have wondered what the Russians do on Halloween.

We all know what Americans do! We dress up the house and front yard, maybe go out and rake up some leaves that get tracked into the house, and of course dress up in a costume and go get candy from people with their porch lights on. If you’re older, you probably won’t go trick or treating, unless you have to take your kids. In that case, you might go to a party or set up watching scary movies and telling “ghost” stories.

So, what do the Russians do? Unfortunately, Halloween (Хэллоуин) is not a traditional holiday in Russia. Very few people celebrate it, and they are usually children in the bigger cities. Bummer, right? This shouldn’t discourage you, though! You can still practice Russian in many creepy ways this Halloween.

You can watch some horror films in Russian, read some scary stories, or simply learn some new vocabulary words:

Светильник Джека [svʲɪˈtʲilʲnʲɪk ˈdʐɛkə] = “Jack-o’-lantern”
тыква [ˈtɨkvə] = “pumpkin”
костюм [kɐˈsʲtʲum] = “costume”
привидение [prʲɪvʲɪˈdʲenʲɪjə] or призрак [ˈprʲizrək] = “ghost”
ведьма [ˈvʲedʲmə] = “witch”
вампир [vɐmˈpʲir] = “vampire”
фильм ужасов [fʲilʲm ˈuʐəsəf] = “horror movie”
Франкенштейн [ˈfrankʲɪnʂtʲɪjn] = “Frankenstein”

Happy Halloween!

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