My Top 5 Russian Learning Websites

Here’s my personal top 5 favorite Russian language-learning websites. There are four absolutely free websites, and one website that requires you to pay for its services. If you have been learning Russian for a while, you are probably familiar with most (if not all) of these websites, but if you are just starting out – they can be quite valuable.

Remember that these are my personal top 5 favorites, that does not mean that they are the best. has earned its place as the top website for Russian learners out there. You can find about anything on this website. I have used this website ever since I started learning Russian, and I always keep coming back.

An Online Russian Reference Grammar

This is the best website for learning Russian grammar, period. There are Java exercises which are the icing on the cake to this already great resource.

Great Russian lessons, also includes games and quizzes. has 15 very good Russian lessons, many of which contain audio. There are also special lessons on Russian grammar. This is a great website, and definitely one you should bookmark!

You have to pay for a membership at RussianPod101, but it really is great for those of you that learn better by listening and repeating and placing everything in real-world use. Learning with this website alone can be extremely slow, but using this website along with other resources is a great way to success!

Do you have your own personal favorites? Comment and let me know what your favorite Russian-learning websites are!

4 thoughts on “My Top 5 Russian Learning Websites

  1. I’d definitely say MasterRussian and RussianPod101 are in my top. MasterRussian is just very comprehensive in terms of everything you’d need to learn out of a textbook. It’s like an online textbook. Could spend days on that site.

    RussianPod, definitely for their lessons and their App. Though I do wish they had some new lesson notification system – as I have to come to the site to see if there’s anything new.

  2. I chose 6 months ago because my friend had an online tutor from this site. They teach you via skype two or three times a week. It’s been a challenge at first because the teacher speaks English and Russian fluently, but not French, which is my first language. However, now I understand lots of sentence structures. What you have to do when taking up a language course is learn the words!

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