Семья / Family

I figured it was time for a simple vocabulary post on a certain topic. How about something important? Family! The Russian word for family is семья. Do not confuse the Russian false cognate “фамилия” with English “family”, because фамилия translates to “surname”!

Семья – family

Мать/мама – mother
(mat’ / MA-ma)
Отец/папа – father
(a-TYETS / PA-pa)
Дочь – daughter
Сын – son
Сестра – sister
Брат – brother

Родители – parents
Дети – children

Жена – wife
Муж – husband

Бабушка – grandmother
Дедушка – grandfather
Внучка – granddaughter
Внук – grandson
Тётя – aunt
Дядя – uncle
Племянница – niece
Племянник – nephew
Двоюродная сестра – first cousin (female)
(dva-YOO-rad-naya sye-STRA)
Двоюродный брат – first cousin (male)
(dva-YOO-rad-ni brat)
Неродная сестра – cousin (female)
(nye-rad-NA-ya sye-STRA)
Неродной брат – cousin (male)
(nye-rad-NOY brat)

*Underlined vowels are stressed.

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