Learn Russian for free!

In the real world, gas and food prices continue to rise. For most of us, this means that we don’t get to spend as much money on luxury items. This may mean that you can’t go out and buy those expensive Russian books and courses that you want to! But even as prices rise, the Internet continues providing us with free information that grows everyday!

This blog entry will provide you with the best FREE resources available on the Web! So if you wanna learn Russian — start clicking! 🙂

Have a great free resource of your own? Comment and share it with us!

The Russian Blog Resources

Russian Lessons With Sasha
Russian Grammar In A Nutshell
All Resources

Russian language learning websites is definitely the best Russian language learning website out there. If you have not visited this website yet, then you are missing out. This website contains lessons on nearly everything, and also links to many other useful websites. They have a great community and a place to ask questions! Get started here!

An Online Russian Reference Grammar

This is a very good website that focuses solely on Russian grammar. There are Java exercises available and everything is well organized.

This website has a lot of lessons. There are also some summary tables and language learning games available.

This website has 15 lessons, a section dedicated to grammar, a section dedicated to vocabulary, and more!

Beginning Russian Grammar

This isn’t the ‘prettiest’ website out there, but it is very useful. With 110 lessons, you will be spending a lot of time here!

This website has lessons, a section dedicated to grammar, a section dedicated to vocabulary, and more. There are also some very useful conversation sections.

SEELRC Russian

This is a downloadable pdf file all about the Russian language. I have found it extremely useful.

Some nice, free Russian lessons. This website also hosts lessons for various other languages.

A great website with a lot of free lessons!

Russian with Dmitry

A valuable collection of free, audio lessons!


Wiktionary is a great free, substitute to a dictionary! If you are needed to look for a word’s meaning, simply search for it on Wiktionary! Most words have their declensions listed and some words have pronunciation files along with them! So what are you waiting for? See it in action!


Forvo is a great free website that hosts audio files for words! So if you want to know how a word is pronounced, search for it on Forvo!

Social learning


A great place to learn Russian and get help from native speakers. The lessons are sort of like Rosetta Stone, but I honestly believe this website will help you much more than Rosetta Stone will. You submit your exercises and get comments from actual native speakers! You can also add friends and socialize on this website. I have met a lot of Russian friends via this website, and I know you can too!

My Language Exchange

A great place to meet with people that will help ou learn Russian. They might want you to help them with their English in turn. You can create a profile and chat via email, Skype, or various other means. Definitely give this website a try if you’re interested in finding a penpal.


This website is genius. You sign up and keep a journal in the language you are learning. Native speakers then read what you have written and correct you. What’s great about this website is that you are naturally inclined to write about something you are interested in, and therefore you are getting help with stuff that you will actually use when you meet native Russians in real life!


Skype is a great tool to use to learn Russian. With Skype, you can text, voice chat, or video chat. So if you find a Russian friend online, you can get help with your pronunciation and much more! You should of course use caution when speaking with someone that you don’t know well. If you are underage, you should get your parents’ permission before you use Skype. You are bound to encounter rude people every now and then, but always remember: Some people are just assholes. The majority of Russians I have met are kind and simply wish to teach Russian and freshen up their English, so don’t be nervous!


Wikipedia has a lot of valuable information on it. You can learn about the history of Russian, the phonology, and get explanations that most lessons leave out.

The Russian language

Russian phonology

Russian orthography

Russian grammar

History of the Russian language

Good luck comrade!

Good luck with these free resources! These are the best I have found :). There are bound to be others, so make sure you are constantly searching! If you have something excellent to share, please comment!

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