Russian Swear Words

Swearing can be a lot of fun! It can also be dangerous, so you have got to be careful! The Russian language is perfect for swearing. All you have to do is get confident, and get ready to make some people angry!

This post has been updated for 2015, and includes a lot of extra words and examples. This post is for educational purposes and is not meant to offend anyone. If you do become offended, please navigate to a different part of the blog and keep in mind that this is the only post that uses naughty language like this. Also realize that actually saying these words to a native Russian speaker could land you in a lot of trouble, so make sure you can walk the walk if you’re gonna talk the talk!

In Russia, there are a list of words that are called мат (mat), which is short for ма́терный язы́к [ˈmatʲɪrnɨj jɪˈzɨk]. Some of the words below are on the list. These words can actually get you in trouble in Russia, because they can be considered disorderly conduct (mild hooliganism). These words are censored in the media.

I have added IPA transcriptions in brackets ([]) for the words below. Romanized Russian text is provided in parentheses for those of you that do not know Cyrillic.

хуй [xuj] “dick”
(HOOY) Listen to pronunciation

This word translates to “DICK.” It may refer to the male penis or a guy that acts like one, just as in English! The beauty of this word is that it is used in so many different ways. It is the king of all swear words! It is commonly used to tell someone to “fuck off!” or to give them a nice, “fuck you!” Interestingly, the literal translation for this phrase is “Go (get) on a dick!”: Иди́ на́ хуй!/Пошёл на́ хуй!. There are several other useful phrases that use хуй:

Мне по́хую!  I don’t give a fuck!
Хуй тебе́! (в жо́пу, в рот)  You’ll get nothing! (lit. A dick for you! (in the ass, in the mouth))
Хуй (его́) зна́ет.  I don’t know. / Who fucking knows.

Whats the difference between иди and пошёл when telling someone to fuck off? Пошёл на… is often seen as more offensive and aggressive, so it may come in handy when a friend or family member really pisses you off.

There are a lot of words that are derived from хуй:

до хуя́, дохуя́ “a large number, a (fucking) lot, a shitload”
Како́го ху́я? «Заче́м?» “Why the fuck for?, What the fuck for?”
Нахуя́? «Заче́м?» “Why the fuck for?, What the fuck for?” (more disapproving)
ни хуя́ 1) “jack shit, nothing” 2) “no, no fucking way, wow, what the fuck!” (exclamation). It may be seen with себе: Ни хуя́ себе́!  “Wow?! What the fuck?!”
по́хуй, по́хую “don’t care, don’t give a fuck”
охуи́тельно, охуити́тельно “excellent, fucking awesome, very good” (adjective: -ый)
охуе́нно «о́чень хорошо́» “fucking great, very good” (adjective: -ый)
хуёво “shitty, fucking awful, very bad” (adjective: -ый)
хуи́ло, хуйло́ “dickhead, dipshit, asshole”
хуеплёт “liar (male)”
хуесо́с “cocksucker”
хуйня́ “garbage, bullshit (positive and negative)”
не́хуй 1) “no need, do not!” 2) “nothing”
охуе́ть pf. (impf. охуева́ть1) “to become cheeky (rude), cocky” 2) to experience a strong feeling about something (to be astonished, surprised, shocked, confused, pissed off, etc.)

Охуе́ть!  “Holy shit! What the fuck?! Ha!!”
Соси́ мой хуй!  Suck my dick!
У тебя́ о́чень ма́ленький хуй!  You have a small dick!
Како́го ху́я ты ещё тут стои́шь?  Why the fuck are you still standing here?
Нахуя́ мне э́то на́до?  Why the fuck do I need this?
Мы налови́ли дохуя́ ры́бы.  We caught a shitload of fish!
Я ни хуя́ не по́мню из вчера́шнего дня.  I don’t remember jack shit from yesterday.

You might also encounter the word хер [xʲer], which has the same meaning as хуй but is considered slightly less offensive. ‘Хер’ has its own versions of most of the special forms that you just saw with хуй, i.e. до хрена́, ни хрена́, etc. There is also another word, член [tɕlʲen] “penis”, that isn’t really considered offensive at all. You can use it when you want to make sure that you are getting your point across that you are talking about the male genitalia: член тебе́ в рот “a dick in your mouth.”

су́ка [ˈsukə] “bitch”
(SOO-ka) Listen to pronunciation

This word translates to “bitch, slut.” It may be used for female dogs, women, or even men! There is also the diminutive form, су́чка, which has the same meaning. You can also call a man “son of a bitch” with: су́кин сын.

Закро́й свой рот, су́ка!  Shut your mouth, bitch!

срать [sratʲ] “to shit”
(SRAT’) Listen to pronunciation

This word is a verb and it translates to “to shit.” It may also mean “to not care” or “to not give a shit.” This verb is imperfective and it is conjugated like ждать: я сру́, ты срёшь. Its perfective counterpart is посра́ть. Several other verbs may be formed by adding prefixes:

насра́ть pf. “to not care for”
обосра́ться pf. “to shit oneself”
обсира́ть impf. (pf. обосра́ть) “to shit all over it, to defame something”
просра́ть pf. «потерять», “to lose (vulgar)”

There are a few useful nouns and adjectives derived from this verb: засра́нец “asshole, bastard”, сра́ка “an ass (colloquial)”, and сра́ный “shitty, nasty, miserable.”

Мой кот ча́сто срёт под дива́ном.  My cat often shits underneath the couch.
Я ника́к не могу́ посра́ть!  I cannot take a shit!
Мне насра́ть на твоё мне́ние.  I don’t care for your opinion.
Я ненави́жу свою́ сра́ную рабо́ту.  I hate my shitty job.

пизда́ [pʲɪˈzda] “cunt”
(pi-ZDA) Listen to pronunciation

This word translates to “cunt.” It most often refers to the female genitalia, commonly known as “pussy” or “vagina” (its technical term) in English, but it also has a lot of other meanings! When used to describe women it has an obscene figurative meaning that may roughly translate to “bitches” or “hoes” in English. When used to describe men, it is reserved for those who have extremely negative behavior (i.e. dickheads) or those that are deceitful or liars. You may also use it when you are tired of using на хуй when you want to say “Fuck off!” or “Fuck you!”: Иди́ в пизду́!/Пошёл в пизду́! Whenever it is used with the preposition до it has the same meaning as похуй “don’t give a fuck, doesn’t matter to me.”

There are a few other words that have the same root as this word: пизде́ц “very bad (fucked up) situation” or an exclamation “Holy shit!, What the fuck!”, пизда́то “excellent, great, good”, пизде́ть impf. “to lie, to tell lies”, пиздёж “a lie”.

Мне до пизды́ твои́ пробле́мы.  “I don’t give a fuck about your problems.”
Всё пизда́то!  “Everything’s great!”

пидора́с [pʲɪdɐˈras] “homosexual”
(pi-da-RAS) Listen to pronunciation

This word is a very offensive form of “gay” or “homosexual.” In many contexts it could be translated as “faggot, queer, homo, etc.” There are some other similar words with the same offensive translation: пе́дик, педри́ла, пи́дор. If you wish to use some less offensive words you can say: гей, го́мик, гомосе́к, or use the adjective голубо́й “light blue.” Whenever this adjective is used in conversational Russian, it can be understood as “gay” («гомосексуа́льный»).

муда́к [mʊˈdak] “asshole”
(moo-DAK) Listen to pronunciation

This word carries the meaning “asshole”, “smart ass”, “horse’s ass”, “pain in the ass”, and “dickhead.” It is such a lovely word… You might find it interesting to know that this word is derived from му́ди which means “testicles.” Another word with the same meaning is муди́ло.

жо́па [ˈʐopə] “ass”
(ZHO-pa) Listen to pronunciation

This word’s meaning is simple: ASS. It may be used to refer to the ass of a person or a person who behaves like an ass. It may also be used to tell someone to “fuck off, piss off” or “go to hell”:

Иди́/Пошёл в жо́пу!  Fuck off! / Go to hell!
Подви́нь жо́пу!  Move your ass!
Поцелу́й мою́ жо́пу!  Kiss my ass!
Не будь жо́пой!  Don’t be an asshole!

There are several insulting words that share the same root of this word: жо́пник “asshole, dickhead, greedy person”, жополи́з “kiss-ass, ass-kisser (lit. ass licker)”, жо́пошник “asshole, dickhead, greedy person; faggot, queer.”

Почему́ ты тако́й жополи́з?  Why are you such a kiss-ass?
Ведёшь себя́, как жо́пошник.  You’re acting like an asshole.

еба́ть [jɪˈbatʲ] “to fuck”
(yi-BAT’) Listen to pronunciation

This word is a verb and it translates to “to fuck.” It is imperfective and conjugated like ждать: я ебу́, ты ебёшь. But in the past tense it can be seen as еба́л or ёб. Its perfective counterpart is вы́ебать. You will probably most often see it in the phrase ёб твою́ мать which literally means “(I) fucked your mother”, but carries other meanings such as “go to hell, fuck off, goddamn you.” It may also be used as an exclamation in which it can mean “I’ll be damned!”, “Really?!”or “Motherfucker!” Furthermore, you can use this phrase as the equivalent to “motherfucking” or “like a motherfucker.”

Переда́й, ёб твою́ мать, во́дку!  Pass the motherfucking vodka!
Я сража́лся как ёб твою́ мать, что́бы вы́жить.  I fought like a motherfucker to survive.

You may see the verb pair тра́хать/тра́хнуть used instead for the meaning “to fuck, to have sex”, e.g.  Я хочу́ её тра́хнуть. “I want to fuck her.”

There are many words that contain the root of this verb. Several other verbs may be formed by adding affixes:

выёбываться impf. (pf. вы́ебнуться) to do something in a way that is unusual, extravagant, or too complicated
еба́шить impf. (pf. ёбнуть) to hit/beat someone or something, to drink, to steal
заеба́ть(ся) pf. (impf. заёбывать(ся)) to exhaust, to make very tired, to have sex frequently
отъеба́ться pf. (impf. отъёбываться) to get rid of, to leave alone, to not disturb

Заеби́сь!  «Хорошо, круто!» Excellent, awesome, cool, fucking great! (used as an adverb)
Отъеби́сь!  Fuck off, Get the fuck away from me!
Ёбни его́!  Beat him!

There is also the adjective, ёбаный, which simply means “fucking.” And there are several nouns: долбоёб “stupid ass, dunce, idiot”, ёбарь “fucker, lover, sex partner” and е́бля “act of fucking, sex.”

Ах ты, ёбаная блядь!  Oh, you fucking whore!
В э́том пла́тье она́ вы́глядела заеби́сь!  She looked fucking great in that dress!
Я ра́ньше ду́мал то́лько о е́бле и никогда́ о любви́.  I used to only think about fucking and never about love.

дерьмо́ [dʲɪrʲˈmo] “shit”
(dir’-MO) Listen to pronunciation

This word translates to “shit.” It is used much like its English equivalent. It may be used as an exclamation “Shit!”, to refer to things: “All of this shit!”, or to refer to people: “Piece of shit!” Another word that has the same meaning, but is slightly more offensive is говно́ [gɐvˈno]. It’s used just like дерьмо́ which means it refers to the shit coming that could be coming from your ass, the shit that is cluttering up your apartment, or any piece of shit person!

Let’s say that your friend (Ди́ма) told you about a movie that you shouldn’t watch (не смотри́те!), but your girlfriend wants to watch it anyways. You can say to her: Мой друг, Ди́ма, сказа́л, что тот фильм по́лное говно́.  “My friend, Dima, said that film is total shit.”

блядь [blʲætʲ] “whore”
(BLYAT’) Listen to pronunciation

“Whore.” That’s the basic translation of this word, but it may also mean “bitch, slut, prostitute, or a promiscuous person.” It is considered to be a general-purpose insult to anyone, so it may be used with both women and men. It may also be used as an exclamation, in which it can mean “fuck!”, “shit!”, or “damn (it)!” It can also be used as an intensive particle to add the meaning “fucking”, “damn”, etc. It is commonly contracted to бля when used as an exclamation or particle.

Он, бля, мне сказа́л, что я ску́чная!  He fucking told me I was boring!
Я, бля, зна́ю где ты живёшь!  I fucking know where you live!
Иди́ отсюда́ на́ хуй, блядь!  Get out of here, bitch!

Here are some additional naughty words that might come in handy for you!

гандо́н [gɐnˈdon] noun
“condom” (may describe a person: asshole, weak man)
дрочи́ть [drɐˈtɕitʲ] verb impf. (pf. подрочи́ть)
«мастурби́ровать» “to jack off, to masturbate”
залу́па [zɐˈlupə] noun
“dickhead” (may describe a person or the actual head of a penis; derived from лупи́ть “to peel off”)
ки́ска [ˈkʲiskə] noun
“pussy” (vagina)
манда́ [mɐnˈda] noun
“cunt, bitch”
си́ська [ˈsʲisʲkə], си́ся [ˈsʲisʲə] noun
“breast, tit, boob”
соса́ть (хуй) [sɐˈsatʲ] verb impf. (pf. отсоса́ть)
“to suck, to blow, to perform fellatio”
ублю́док [ʊˈblʲʉdək] noun
“motherfucker” (worthless person)

Know of a great swear word that I should add to this post? Please comment and tell me! I hope you enjoyed this post!

143 thoughts on “Russian Swear Words

    1. Well you could use several different words: Пошёл на хуй! (pa-SHOL NA-hooy) or Иди на хуй! (ee-DEE NA-hooy) for “fuck off” and блядь (blyat’) or сука (SOO-ka) for “bitch.”

  1. I’ve always thought that Russian is a cool-sounding language and have finally begun studying it by watching dashcam videos on YouTube. I felt a warm and fuzzy feeling when I recognized many words and phrases in this post.

    One word I’ve heard many times that I’m itching to use in traffic as soon as I find out what it means is “CHOO-bleh”. Would you happen to be able to decipher my highly technical phonetic script and tell me what it means? Thanks in advance [spasibo] and great post!

    1. It sounds like what you’re hearing is “Ty chto blya?” (“ты что бля?”) Which is along the lines of “what the fuck are you doing”.

    2. It’s a vulgar slang version of saying “What?” or sometimes “What’s up?”. Cyrillic version of is it “Чё бля?”. Usually is is possible to very fast distinguish which social class one belongs to depending on what words and phrases one uses. But since you will be a tourist, don’t think it will cause you any problems.

  2. Хахаха красавы учитесь а то я заебался ваш язык учить.Попробуйте перевести “Пяти лапый хуекрыл”

  3. My favorite Russian word is сволочь. It means scum, riffraff, rabble, even crud and assholes. All these words refer to groups of people acting in some criminal, destructive or injurious way(s).

    1. Bitch in English means a female dog…. you’re not going to make friends in either language with that name.

  4. What does yoomat mean when I hear it I think Юмать but that doesn’t translate to anything it is used like ебаный yoomat

    And what does ебаный vvrode mean? I know вроде means kind or like but that doesn’t make sense

    1. It is Ёб твою мать (yob tvoyu mat’), it meansfuck your mother. The other phrase is `ёбаный в рот (yobanyi v rot), means fucked into the mouth

    2. I believe in your first question you mean “Tvoyu maty!” = “Твою мать”. Literally it means “Your mother”, but it is rarely used with a direct meaning. It means often times “Damn! / Fuck! / Shit!”.

      Concerning your second question, you did not write it correctly. I believe you mean “ebaniy urod” = “ёбаный урод”. Which means “Fucking asshole! / Fucking dickhead!”

  5. I want to fool my colleague and put a paper on his hotel room door. Something like “leave me alone and fuck off, I’m me jerking off.”

  6. I am Russian and it is so hilarious to read this! I laughed loudly. The article is really great. Our language is perfect for swearing, because any swear word has a lot of derivatives, so anyone can made up his own word and sometimes it’s really funny and ludicrous
    Thank you for my good mood 🙂

    1. Hi, I am an Aussie getting scammed by a Russian and have not given a cent but want to play with them a little and let them know that I know.
      What should I say to a money Hungary Russian scammer

  7. Reblogged this on Life in Russia and commented:
    Well I know a lot of you out there would like to learn to swear in Russian. This following post comes from “the Russian Blog”. Be careful, in Russia these words can get you in a lot of trouble.

  8. Хехехе, блядь.Сколько таких сайтов не создавай, а весь мат на русском хуй выучите бля епта 😆

  9. Нахуя дохуя наебошили?
    Попиздеть без хуя заебошили?
    Так допезды моск ебать – буржуи всреавно опиздошили. )))

  10. Было забавно это почитать.
    Автор, добавь слова “долбоеб”, “еблан” и

  11. and how to use for example: что за хуй (он хочет)? / What a fuck does he want?, is this correct?, reply me please, thanks in advance!

    1. u can say “kakogo huya on hochet” it actually means ” what the fuck he wants”
      for femail it sounds ” kakogo huja ona hochet”

    2. Yes, that is correct. I will add this into the post. Saying: А что это за хуй? translates to “And what the fuck is this?” You may also see these alternatives, all of which are interjections that roughly translate to “What the fuck?”:
      Что за ёб твою́ мать?
      Что за хуйня́?
      Что за блядь?
      To say “Who the fuck” use ‘кто’ and ‘на хуй’:
      Кто ты на хуй тако́й? “Who the fuck are you?”

      1. Can I say in Russian ты похуярил моя жизнь, (You fucked up my life), if not so, how can I say that sentence in Russian, I’ll be waiting anxiously for your reply. Thanks in advance 👍

  12. My girlfriend is russian, as well as the typical swears stated here, there are two other words/phrases she says in situations where we would normally swear in england. One sounds like “short” the other “o gospedy”. She says them in situations like “oh god!” “shit?!” “for fucks sake” “really?!”. Any ideas?

    1. “chyort” means devil(actually little devil, I dont know how to say in english) ” O gospodi” means “Oh my gosh” But theese words arent “mat”(offencive, swear) at all. Try to make ur girl nervous to learn more offencive stuff LOL

    2. Ivan is right here. These words aren’t considered offensive, and are more polite substitutes for something that doesn’t require a really bad word. ‘чёрт’ can mean “devil” or “hell” and is usually seen as an interjection in the phrases: ‘Чёрт возьми́!/Чёрт побери́!’. When used like this the translation is “Darn it!, Damn it!, etc.” even though the literal meaning is “Devil take [me]!” You could also say:
      Иди́ к чёрту! “Go to hell!”
      Чёрт с ним! “To hell with him!”
      Како́го чёрта? “What the hell?”

      ‘го́споди’ means “Oh God!” or as grandma would say “Good heavens!/Good gracious!” You could also say ‘Бо́же мой!’

      1. Thank you Cory, you are very kind for replying me and your answer helped me clear a doubt, now I have a doubt less, in russian 👍

  13. “O gospodi” means “Oh my God” and “chert” means “devil” , equivalent of English word “damn”. Both are inoffensive.

  14. Дуже цікаво, саме так, інкорпорувати російсько-нецензурний лексикон в моєму Україномовному мовленні.

  15. Hilarious! In Croatian we also have a ton of curses (and pizda is the same, actually), but poor Brits and Americans are very polite in comparison!

  16. I’m an author and working with a Russian character, this blog helped me out because in Google Translate, they don’t always specify which vulgarity it is. Granted this character doesn’t swear a lot, but at least if he does, I’ll get it right.

  17. Not really offensive, but I keep hearing “de-bil” on dash cams. I think it means weak, feeble minded, moron, and etc. I love how everyone says it so slowly – they drag it out. I’m not positive it’s Russian, though. Still my favorite new word.

  18. Came to see some words and i realized quickly that this article is for ppl who already know russian since all the examples are written.
    If you know how to read russian then you should already know how to say these simple words.

    Not a very informative article in my opinion. The basic word has audio for it and then everything is in writing so kinda pointless.
    If i can read all this then i wouldn’t need to be here to learn these basic swears.
    Its like if i would go read an article to learn english swears.

    If you can read, you know the language so not knowing what cyka is or b’lyad is already makes you a dummy. Never heard one russian not say one of those at least once.

    Audio to the examples would’ve made sense.

  19. I am American, and I dislike swearing because it sounds uneducated, but if one knows some mat, who need know? I would not use these words in St. Petersburg, but from sea to shining sea, it shall get the psychological job done.

  20. Russian swear words are gold! And expressive. My favorites are Perhot’ podzalupnaya – Pee hole dandruff (which makes me wonder how the dandruff got there in the first place!) and Shob tebe deti v sup srali – I wish that your children will crap in your soup. I did some work in the former Soviet Union and a translator gave me a great list of them here – https://www.thetraveltart.com/russian-swear-words-phrases-curses-slang-expletives/ Enjoy!

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