Putin emerges victorious

Prime Minister and United Russia presidential candidate Vladimir Putin has won the 2012 Russian presidential election with 64% of the vote. Communist candidate Gennady Zyuganov trailed behind with 17%, while the other three candidates remained in the single digits.

Putin’s victory has guaranteed him a hold on power until the year 2018. Should he win re-election then, he could continue serving until 2024. Putin previously held the presidency from 2000-2008 and has served as Prime Minister under current President Dmitriy Medvedev since 2008.

Putin addressing supporters outside the Kremlin

Here’s the results of the election, with over 90% of the ballots counted. Information from RIA Novosti.

Vladimir Putin 64.61% United Russia
Gennady Zyuganov 17.07% Communist
Mikhail Prokhorov 7.17% Independent
Vladimir Zhirinovsky 6.29% Liberal Democratic
Sergei Mironov 3.76% A Just Russia

Putin claimed victory Sunday night at a rally just outside the Kremlin walls with tens of thousands of supporters in attendence. He said “I promised that we would win and we have won!” Communist candidate Gennady Zyuganov said he would not recognize the vote and called it “illegitimate, unfair and non-transparent.”

There have been allegations of vote-rigging, specifically “carousel voting” in which voters are bused around to different polling stations to cast multiple ballots. A demonstration by the opposition is set to occur tomorrow in central Moscow.

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