One Year Anniversary of The Russian Blog

1st Birthday Cake
Happy Birthday to the Russian Blog! This is seriously all I could do..

Today marks the first anniversary of The Russian Blog! I started the Russian blog on October 29, 2011 with this introductory blog post:

Hello there and welcome to The Russian Blog. I’m going to be posting all about learning Russian, so if you are learning Russian — you should definitely subscribe and check back often!

If you like the posts here, please leave comments and recommend them to other Russian learners. Please let me know if there is anything you would like me to cover in future posts too!

So, welcome! And stay tuned!

Since that day, I have posted 37 blog posts (excluding this one) and the design has changed quite a bit. I haven’t had a whole lot of time to dedicate to the blog…and I have went several months at a time with neglecting it.

The blog is picking up though, and I’m excited about what the next year will bring!

Here are some interesting statistics:
37 blog posts
5038 total views, resulting in an average of 13 per day for the whole year
34 views and 4 posts in October 2011
37 views and 5 posts in November 2011
4 views and 0 posts in December 2011
0 views and 0 posts in January 2012
41 views and 8 posts in February 2012
416 views and 10 posts in March 2012
311 views and 0 posts in April 2012
242 views and 0 posts in May 2012
327 views and 0 posts in June 2012
555 views and 4 posts in July 2012
808 views and 3 posts in August 2012
1057 views and 2 posts in September 2012
1206 views and 1 post (excluding this one) so far in October 2012

Best day: October 11, 2012 with 66 views

Top five posts:
1) Russian Swear Words
2) How to trill (roll) your R
3) Palatalization in Russian
4) Michel Thomas Russian Foundation Course Review
5) The Seven Wonders of Russia

Top five search terms:
1) russian swear words
2) russian swear phrases
3) michel thomas russian review
4) russian cuss words
5) russian swear words cyrillic

Top five tags:
1) vocabulary
2) culture
3) nouns
4) offensive
5) pronunciation

Top five linked resources:
1) russianforeveryone.com
2) russianlessons.net
3) masterrussian.com
4) alphadictionary.com/rusgrammar/
5) seelrc.org:8080/grammar/mainframe.jsp?nLanguageID=6

Top five locations of visitors:
1) United States
2) United Kingdom
3) Czech Republic
4) Canada
5) Russian Federation

The Russian Blog is my first semi-successful blog. It’s the first time I’ve continued posting and working, even with the low number of visitors. I abandoned work for several months, but resumed in February and March – a month which was a big turnaround for the blog. Since then, the numbers have been surprising and rewarding for me.

The goal of The Russian Blog was never to create “THE” Russian blog, but instead it has been personal for me. It’s about a great hobby of mine: learning Russian. I love the Russian language, Russia’s history and culture, and the Russian people I have met. The increasing vistors are rewarding because part of me feels like what I have been doing has actually paid off. My work is being seen and read.

So thank you all, especially my return vistors and followers.


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