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Free Russian Lessons With Sasha

Alphabet | Lesson 1

Have other Russian courses failed you? Are you looking for something new? Something fun?! Well, how about you learn Russian with Sasha! It’s fun, FREE, and you’ll only find it here — on the Russian Blog. Continue reading to learn about this new method of learning Russian!!!

I’m not going to lie and tell you that this is the best way for you to learn Russian. It isn’t (yet XD). Some of you have probably studied Russian in the past, thus you might have a firm grasp of the basics. Russian with Sasha is in its infancy, so it’s better suited for beginners. BUT, I am working on lessons every single day and I hope to post at least one or two a week. So in a few months, Russian with Sasha will contain lessons suitable for intermediate-advanced learners.

So are you interested yet?!

Start learning the alphabet!
I already know the alphabet, I wanna start on lesson 1.

Who is Sasha?

sasha_w_bookSasha is this little, cute red guy that’s here to narrate for me. His name is Russian is Са́ша (pronounced as [SAH-shah] or [ˈsaʂə]). He’s not really real…I just use him to help motivate you and make things more fun :). Lessons with Sasha aren’t all boring and technical. They’re colorful and down-to-earth.

Sasha will greet you in each lesson, and he and his friends will be a part of the dialogues you read. As you progress through the lessons, you will get to know much more characters!! Sasha and his friends also appear in a soon-to-come Russian language learning game! (more details later in this post)

What are lessons like?

The main lessons consist of five sections: Dialog, Grammar, Vocabulary, Culture, and Exercises. You are encouraged to reread the lessons if you don’t understand something. And if you have reread the lesson and still have problems, then you are encouraged to contact me via email at therussianblog AT gmail DOT com! 🙂

At this point, the lessons do not contain audio. But I hope to add audio resources sometime in the future. Continue reading this post for help with how to fix

dialoguesThe dialogues are designed to show you what you are going to learn in the lesson. You will probably start off thinking “geez, this looks hard…” But I promise if you read the lesson, it will unlock many of the questions you have! Sasha appears in all dialogues. You will travel along with him as he meets new people, catches up with old friends, visits new places, and much more!

grammarThe grammar section is designed to teach you what you need to know in the most simple terms. Not everyone is a linguist, and I’m not going to treat you like one. I might use technical terms now and then, but I will do my best to explain these terms when they are mentioned.

vocabThe vocabulary section is pretty self-explanatory. It contains all of the new words introduced in the lesson. There are abbreviations used to denote the part of speech (i.e. n for nouns; pro for pronouns; v for verbs; adv for adverbs; adj for adjectives…etc).

cultureThe culture section is a nice section devoted to something Russian. Some say you can’t know the language without knowing the culture and I’m a firm believer of that. Why learn Russian if you have no ambition to learn about Russian culture or history?

exercisesThe exercises are designed to reinforce what you have learned in the lesson. You should try to pass the exercises with 80% success. If you struggle with the exercises, then I recommend that you reread the lesson and try again ;).

Tips for better learning…

No one resource is best for you! I recommend that you swallow up all knowledge you can! If you are looking for free Russian learning resources, then you should visit my post Learn Russian For Free!.

If you are a beginner, I recommend that you focus on learning the Russian alphabet. You can’t learn it in a day, and maybe not even in a week…but you CAN learn it. Don’t ever think you can’t. Learn the Russian alphabet with Sasha or read some of my other tips.

The game(s)…

I’m currently working on developing a computer game for learning Russian. I’ve got three different projects, that might eventually morph into one single game — featuring Sasha.

First off, there is the game to practice the Russian keyboard layout. Computers are very important in the modern era…and if you’re learning Russian, you’re gonna have to learn how to type in Russian. This game is actually completed atm with the name Serious Cyrillic, but it will most likely merge with the Sasha project (continue reading).

Secondly, there is a game to practice Russian verbs. This has been hard to develop, but the “skeleton” (i.e. basic engine) of the game is pretty much completed atm. All I really have to do is spend hours filling arrays with Russian verb conjugations…that is kind of a pain in the butt.

Thirdly, there is the best game: an adventure game. This has been the hardest to develop, because I don’t think it’s ever been done. Language learning is an adventure…that’s true, but it’s not a fun adventure game! You will join Sasha and his friends to complete puzzles, solve mysteries, and much more! You will have fun and learn some Russian at the same time.

As I mentioned earlier, these games will likely merge into one game. I will post additional details as soon as more is available. 🙂 And if you’re wondering…these games will be 100% free for download and available on PC and Mac.

Mistakes or errors

Find a mistake or error? Please comment or send me an email at therussianblog AT gmail DOT com.


Watch out for aliens!


See lessons here

I hope you enjoy learning Russian with Sasha!


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