American Rockers In Trouble For Russian Flag Desecration

An American rock band called “Bloodhound Gang” is in trouble in Russia for flag desecration. During the band’s performance in the Ukrainian port of Odessa on Wednesday, bassist Jared Hasselhoff shoved the Russian flag inside his pants and pulled it out of his behind. Before doing the “act”, Hasselhoff told the audience “Don’t tell Putin” and when he was done, he tossed the flag into the crowd.

The video has gone viral in Russia and Ukraine. The band now faces repercussions in Russia, and has been banned from performing at the Kubana music festival in Krasnador Krai.

On Friday, Russan Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky posted the following tweet:

@medinskiy_vr — “Переговорил с рук-м Краснодар.края. Рок-группа Bloodhound Gang пакует чемоданы. Выступать эти идиоты на Кубани не будут.”
“Talked with the leader of Krasnador Krai. The Rock group Bloodhound Gang is packing their bags. These idiots will not perform in Kubana.”

According to RIA Novosti, the band packed their bags to leave the Black Sea resort of Anapa, but were delayed because police interrogated Hasselhoff. The band also allegedly apologized for the incident, but their apology wasn’t accepted.

On Saturday, Krasnador Krai governor Aleksandr Tkachyov tweeted:

@antkachev — “Еще легко отделались. За такие выкрутасы надо было их вообще за решетку посадить. А своими извинениями, кстати, пусть подотрутся.”
“[They] got off easy. For that kind of prank they should all be put in jail. And, by the way, let them use their apology as a wipe.”

Later in the day, he also tweeted:

@antkachev — “Надеюсь все, кто связан с организацией концертов этих американцев в нашей стране, объявят им пожизненный бойкот. Нельзя прощать такое.”
“I hope all of those involved in organizing concerts for American bands in our country announce a boycott for life. That cannot be forgiven.”

According to a CNN article, the band members were attacked Saturday by Russan nationalists inside Anapa airport. The band members were punched and kicked, and possibly hit with whips. The band is supposedly safe now, and is being accompanied by a Russian police officer as they wait for their next flight out.

As an American, I am embarrased that my fellow countrymen would do something like this. After all, I would be angry if a non-American came and wiped their behind with my flag. Therefore, I think anger in Russia is justified. I just hope that other American bands aren’t punished in the long run because of the actions of this band…

One thought on “American Rockers In Trouble For Russian Flag Desecration

  1. I’m a touring musician myself. Despite the actions of this band, I shudder at the thought that any politician would suggest a boycott of American musicians in Russia. It isn’t helpful, it hurts music fans, and it closes doors that have been used in the past to promote cultural understanding and peace. I remember very fondly the Moscow Music Peace Festival in 1989. Soviet citizens got to experience something very special, and we musicians did as well. Hopefully, the governor’s last response was just a knee-jerk rhetorical aside. We in the music business have a long and grand history of doing stupid things — desecrating a nation’s flag is certainly an obviously offensive act, but the Bloodhound Gang doesn’t speak for anyone, not Americans, not westerners, and not musicians. Sack them and send them home, but keep the venues open. Thank you for the Russian phonetic lessons. This is an invaluable blog.

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