Welcome to The Russian Blog!

This blog is dedicated to the Russian language, culture, history — basically everything Russian! It was specifically designed for self learners of the Russian language. I try to post language-related stuff, as well as stuff related to culture and history :).

I am no expert with Russian or Russia. I simply love everything about them both!!

If you are currently learning Russian, please bookmark or follow my blog! I have posted reviews to various books and courses, and I have worked on providing my own FREE resources.

Some of the best things on the Internet are free. So check out my post: Learning Russian for free! You will find many resources that are useful to you, and did I mention FREE?!

Wanna get started with some of my own resources? Check out the Alphabet page to learn the Russian alphabet; Check out the Basic Phrases page to learn some much needed vocabulary; and check out the Resources page for all the rest! 🙂

Thank you for visiting and please check back if you like what you read and see!

6 thoughts on “About

  1. I came across this blog today and I love it!! I would like to ask you a question about typing, specifically on how to type accent marks above letters in Russian. I see that you use them all the time. How do you do that? Cheers and thanks. David conrad2644@yahoo.com.au

    1. Hi! Thank you. I simply hold down the left alt key and type 769 in the numpad after the vowels I want to mark. This won’t work on certain programs so you’ll probably have to type it in WordPad and then copy and paste. Good luck

      1. Saw yr website, while surfing to review Russian palatization; (Retired, PHD (Linguistics- Fr/Span), Russian @ ALS yrs ago). Really liked yr
        disc on trilled R. (Bad enough, Amer students couldn’t pronounce the French R, but not even the trilled R as a possible alternate! )

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