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Russian Halloween Vocabulary

Halloween is almost here! It’s when we use words like “pumpkin”, “Jack-O’-Lantern”, and “witch”! If you remember my old post about Halloween, you will know that a lot of Russian’s don’t celebrate Halloween. It’s just not a traditional holiday there. That doesn’t mean you can’t practice you’re Russian on this holiday! Let’s learn some creepy… Continue reading Russian Halloween Vocabulary


How to pronounce Russian ‘щ’ (shch, sch)

Russian ‘щ‘ can sound a whole lot like ‘ш‘ to the untrained, newbie ear! It is important to pronounce them both correctly, because they are both unique sounds! Some resources will tell you that ‘щ‘ is pronounced as “shch”, as in “fresh cheese.” This is not correct in modern Standard Russian!


The Russian That You Already Know! (Cognates)

Looking for some really easy Russian words to learn? There are some words in Russian that are very close to their English equivalents, and these are called cognates.