Russian Alphabet Lesson

In this lesson you are going to learn all about the Russian alphabet! Russians write with an alphabet called the Cyrillic script. You will notice that many Cyrillic letters look similar to Latin letters (we use the Latin alphabet), because both alphabets descend from the Greek alphabet. This lesson will teach you how to read,… Continue reading Russian Alphabet Lesson


On The Russian Hard Sign…

In modern Russian, the hard sign is kind of rare. But did you know that it used to be quite common? That’s right! It was just as common as the soft sign until the Russian Revolution. After the Revolution, a spelling reform took place and the hard sign was taken away where it wasn’t needed.


How to pronounce Russian ‘щ’ (shch, sch)

Russian ‘щ‘ can sound a whole lot like ‘ш‘ to the untrained, newbie ear! It is important to pronounce them both correctly, because they are both unique sounds! Some resources will tell you that ‘щ‘ is pronounced as “shch”, as in “fresh cheese.” This is not correct in modern Standard Russian!

Phonology · Vocabulary

Russian Consonant Clusters

The Russian language is well known for its consonant clusters. There are many clusters that are very difficult for English speakers to pronounce. Why do these consonant clusters exist? The English language once had some “strange” consonant clusters. Look at the word ‘know’. This word was once pronounced just as it looks. However, we English… Continue reading Russian Consonant Clusters