Word of the Day – плакат

плака́т [plɐˈkat] (masculine noun) 1. poster, placard, bill   2. broadsheet сове́тский пропаганди́стский плака́тSoviet propaganda poster


День Победы – Victory Day

День победы (Victory Day) is celebrated on May 9th of every year to commemorate the surrender of Nazi Germany to Soviet forces in 1945. This year’s Victory Day Parade marked the 70th anniversary of Allied victory.


Yaga Baba Rides Off to Fight The Crocodile

This lubok dates from the 17th century and depicts Baba Yaga, riding a pig, battling a crocodile. It is believed to be a satire of Peter the Great and his wife Catherine by the Old Believers (who called Peter the Great “the Crocodile”). The figure of Yaga Baba, which is the reversed name of the… Continue reading Yaga Baba Rides Off to Fight The Crocodile


Cat of Kazan

The Cat of Kazan is a lubok (Russian: лубо́к) from sometime during the 18th century. It is a possible satire of Peter the Great. The author of this lubok is unknown. The text reads “Cat of Kazan, mind of Astrakhan, reason of Siberia, he lived sweet, ate sweet, and farted sweet.”


Dialects of the Russian Language

There are a large number of dialects of the Russian language. So far, you have probably only been exposed to Standard Russian. Standard Russian is the “Moscow dialect” that nearly every student of Russian learns about first. Linguists typically divide Russian dialects into three groups: Northern, Central, and Southern. The Central Russian dialects are transitional… Continue reading Dialects of the Russian Language

Holidays · Russia

Christmas in Russia

In the Russian Federation, Christmas is a public holiday observed on January 7th. This is because the Russian Orthodox Church uses the old Julian calendar for days of religious celebration. Here in the west, we use the Gregorian calendar for everything — that’s why we celebrate it on December 25th. Some Roman Catholics and Protestants… Continue reading Christmas in Russia


Russian fur hat (ushanka)

Everyone has seen them! Those cool, fluffy Russian hats! Since it’s November (and getting cold!) I thought it would be a great idea to post about these awesome things! That is an ushanka (Russian: уша́нка). That’s right. It’s called an ушанка — not “cool, fluffy Russian hat.” You may also call it a шапка, trooper,… Continue reading Russian fur hat (ushanka)