День Победы – Victory Day

День победы (Victory Day) is celebrated on May 9th of every year to commemorate the surrender of Nazi Germany to Soviet forces in 1945. This year’s Victory Day Parade marked the 70th anniversary of Allied victory.


Krokodil, the flesh-eating substitute for heroin

With the recent news about Krokodil entering the United States, I figured it was time to make a blog post about this drug. If you are interested in Russian culture, then you probably already know about Krokodil. But do you really know how big of a problem it is, and WHY it is a problem?… Continue reading Krokodil, the flesh-eating substitute for heroin


American Rockers In Trouble For Russian Flag Desecration

An American rock band called “Bloodhound Gang” is in trouble in Russia for flag desecration. During the band’s performance in the Ukrainian port of Odessa on Wednesday, bassist Jared Hasselhoff shoved the Russian flag inside his pants and pulled it out of his behind. Before doing the “act”, Hasselhoff told the audience “Don’t tell Putin”… Continue reading American Rockers In Trouble For Russian Flag Desecration


The Mayan Apocalypse In Russia

December 21, 2012 marks the end of the 5,125-year-long Mayan Long Count calendar. There are many people across the globe that believe that the world will end on this date… I was first exposed to this apocalyptic prediction by watching the movie “2012”, starring John Cusack. It’s pretty good. I recommend it. But, do I… Continue reading The Mayan Apocalypse In Russia


Top 10 Russian rock songs

Here are my top 10 favorite Russian rock songs. I have worked hard to compile this list, and I believe I have chosen well. The music listed here ranges from mainstream rock/pop to metalcore/deathcore. Do yourself a favor and listen! Music will help you learn Russian! #1 Три полоски – Animal Джaz Watch on Youtube… Continue reading Top 10 Russian rock songs


Russian Wikipedia Protests Against Censorship

So, I was trying to access the Russian-language Wikipedia to work on a blog post that I’ve had in mind, and was wondering “Why the heck isn’t the Russian Wikipedia working?!” Well, I just found out that the Russian Wikipedia is on strike over a bill that proposes a unified digital blacklist of all websites… Continue reading Russian Wikipedia Protests Against Censorship


Putin emerges victorious

Prime Minister and United Russia presidential candidate Vladimir Putin has won the 2012 Russian presidential election with 64% of the vote. Communist candidate Gennady Zyuganov trailed behind with 17%, while the other three candidates remained in the single digits. Putin’s victory has guaranteed him a hold on power until the year 2018. Should he win… Continue reading Putin emerges victorious