Russian Lesson One, Здравствуйте

Здравствуйте! In this lesson you are going to learn some of the basics with me — Sasha. You will learn how to greet someone and ask them how they are. You will also learn about basic grammar topics including personal pronouns, asking simple questions, and gender. This lesson’s culture section is about borsch! Make sure… Continue reading Russian Lesson One, Здравствуйте


Russian ‘н’ declension of имя, время, etc.

When you start learning Russian, you learn about the major gender endings. Most masculine nouns have zero (Ø) ending or -ь. Most feminine nouns end in -а/-я or -ь. Most neuter nouns end in -о/-ё/-е or -мя. These neuter nouns ending in -мя are special. There are ten nouns that end in -мя and are… Continue reading Russian ‘н’ declension of имя, время, etc.


Gender in Russian

There are three genders in Russian: masculine, feminine, and neuter. Gender is an important aspect of grammar because adjectives, pronouns, and past tense forms take different endings that must agree with the gender of their subject. Let’s take a look at some instances in which gender is used. хоро́ший ма́льчик  a good boyхоро́шая де́вочка  a… Continue reading Gender in Russian