Top 10 Russian rock songs

Here are my top 10 favorite Russian rock songs. I have worked hard to compile this list, and I believe I have chosen well. The music listed here ranges from mainstream rock/pop to metalcore/deathcore. Do yourself a favor and listen! Music will help you learn Russian! #1 Три полоски – Animal Джaz Watch on Youtube… Continue reading Top 10 Russian rock songs


Take Off In Russian Review

This is a review of Take Off In Russian by Oxford University Press. I’ll begin by saying that this course is very good and unlike any other that I’ve used. What is absolutely fantastic about it is that you spend a lot of time listening, so you get to hear a lot of native Russian.… Continue reading Take Off In Russian Review


Russian LinguaLift Review

Something new and wonderful has come to you Russian learners! This something is Russian LinguaLift! This review is going to be short and sweet, because Russian LinguaLift is really something that needs to be experienced first hand! That’s how great it is!


Do-it-yourself language immersion

I just read a great article on how to mimic immersion in a language at home, without visiting/living in the country where it’s spoken! The guy writes about French in this article, but it may be applied to any language — including Russian! So, check it out here!


How to trill (roll) your R

Producing a trilled (rolled) “r” is not impossible for English speakers. It is easier for some than others. Almost anyone can do it, though. I’m here to tell you how! First of all, a “trilled r” or a “rolled r” is technically known as an “alveolar trill.” This sound is produced with your tongue, NOT… Continue reading How to trill (roll) your R


Learn Russian for free!

In the real world, gas and food prices continue to rise. For most of us, this means that we don’t get to spend as much money on luxury items. This may mean that you can’t go out and buy those expensive Russian books and courses that you want to! But even as prices rise, the… Continue reading Learn Russian for free!


Learning Russian with Music

Okay, so you are learning Russian, right? I’m sure you listen to some form of music every once in a while…unless you are a time traveler from the year 10,000 B.C.E. Why not take your Russian learning to next level by immersing yourself in some Russian music? Some are skeptical about how much of a… Continue reading Learning Russian with Music