Russian Lesson One, Здравствуйте

Здравствуйте! In this lesson you are going to learn some of the basics with me — Sasha. You will learn how to greet someone and ask them how they are. You will also learn about basic grammar topics including personal pronouns, asking simple questions, and gender. This lesson’s culture section is about borsch! Make sure… Continue reading Russian Lesson One, Здравствуйте


Relative pronouns

Relative pronouns refer back to a noun or pronoun in the main clause of a sentence. In English, we use “who”, “that”, or “which” as relative pronouns. In the sentence “Do you remember the girl who slapped you at that party?”, ‘who’ is the relative pronoun and ‘girl’ is the ‘antecedent’. The antecedent is the… Continue reading Relative pronouns


How to use Свой

Свой is a reflexive possessive pronoun that translates to “one’s own.” It always refers back to the subject of a verb. Therefore, in a sentence like Я люблю свою жену “I love my wife”, it translates to “my”, however, in a sentence like Он говорит о своей работе “He’s talking about his (own) job”, it translates to… Continue reading How to use Свой


Personal Pronouns

Ah, the personal pronouns. At first, they looked really difficult because they change more than English’s personal pronouns…but now, after months of practicing them, they aren’t too bad. Let’s take a look at Russian’s personal pronouns! Remember that the third person pronouns add (н) when they have a preposition, so you would say “к нему”… Continue reading Personal Pronouns