Rosetta Stone Russian Review

I’m sure you have heard of this software before: Rosetta Stone. When many people think of learning a new language, they automatically think of Rosetta Stone. But is it worth the money? Does it work? Read my review to find out! 🙂 I don’t want to spoil the review for you, but my answers are… Continue reading Rosetta Stone Russian Review

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Russian Prefixes, Derivational Morphology

In this post we are going to learn about how a few affixes can drastically alter the meaning of a word. Affixes are small words that are attached before a word (prefixes) or after a word (suffixes). In Russian, these affixes may be attached to nouns, adjectives, adverbs, verbs, you name it… *Note: when referring… Continue reading Russian Prefixes, Derivational Morphology

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Telling Time in Russian

Time is very important. It’s what clocks measure. It’s what keeps everything from happening at once. Without time, everything would be chaotic and crazy! You already know how to tell time in English. But what about in Russian? That’s what we’re going to learn about today :). So if you don’t know how to tell… Continue reading Telling Time in Russian

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Russian Halloween Vocabulary

Halloween is almost here! It’s when we use words like “pumpkin”, “Jack-O’-Lantern”, and “witch”! If you remember my old post about Halloween, you will know that a lot of Russian’s don’t celebrate Halloween. It’s just not a traditional holiday there. That doesn’t mean you can’t practice you’re Russian on this holiday! Let’s learn some creepy… Continue reading Russian Halloween Vocabulary


Russian LinguaLift Review

Something new and wonderful has come to you Russian learners! This something is Russian LinguaLift! This review is going to be short and sweet, because Russian LinguaLift is really something that needs to be experienced first hand! That’s how great it is!

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Russian Consonant Clusters

The Russian language is well known for its consonant clusters. There are many clusters that are very difficult for English speakers to pronounce. Why do these consonant clusters exist? The English language once had some “strange” consonant clusters. Look at the word ‘know’. This word was once pronounced just as it looks. However, we English… Continue reading Russian Consonant Clusters


The Russian That You Already Know! (Cognates)

Looking for some really easy Russian words to learn? There are some words in Russian that are very close to their English equivalents, and these are called cognates.